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Mathieu Martineau

This is Mathieu Martineau, he’s a Canadian snowboarder and mountain biker based in British Columbia. Currently living and travelling the province with his partner in a converted box truck.

Mat, being in love with snowboarding for about 20 years, has found his place in Freeride. He says It challenges him both physically and mentally, often times it is difficult to execute a line in a place he’s never been before. Nonetheless, the mental challenge is apart of why he loves Freeride so much. Mathieu has been stoked to rep Flylow gear since 2018. 

We are excited to follow Mathieu’s adventures this season as he travels to compete in The Freeride World Tour as a 2022 rookie. Mat feels that it’s well earned after a few years of competitions across North America. He was happy to place 1st in Canada in 2019 and 2020. 

 During the summer, Mathieu likes to train on his mountain bike. He really enjoys the challenge and mental game of riding his bike in the mountains. He says that it forces him to stay

focused in scary situations, make smart decisions and understand the physics of the mountain. Mathieu believes that it heavily prepares him for the snowboard season ahead.