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Treylin Steel

I’m Treylin Steel, based out of Crystal Mountain, WA now currently living in Bozeman, MT. Skiing is in my blood!! I am so lucky to be doing this my whole life. I say freeride is my thing. I’ve been competing since I was 11 years old, doing all the junior comps until I was 18 and knew at that point freeride was apart of my identity. I’ve continued competing with the big boys in the world qualifiers! 

The freeride community is so amazing! The people you meet and the places you get to ski is incomparable to other types of skiing. Being able to showcase your skiing and watching others ski a line in a different way is inspiring and teaches you that anything is possible. 

These days I’m trying to balance competing, making some content and doing whatever else to pursue my dreams in skiing! If you live in Bozeman and ski Bridger or Big Sky let’s ski!

Instagram= @treylinsteel