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Zach and Cindi Lou Grant

These high school sweethearts connected over a shared passion for snowboarding and the mountains. They’ve built their lives around that love and continue to make life choices, like living in a remote mountain cabin in Utah, that fuel that commitment. Cindi is a mountain guide, freelance writer, and yoga instructor. Zach is a cat operator, farmer, and sawyer. Together they have compiled over a decade of experience in the backcountry and have achieved certifications in avalanche training, journalism, and wilderness first responder. They have been riding professionally for most of that time and their love for exploring mountains has taken them all over the Rockies and into remote regions of Alaska. During the heart of winter, they reside in the central Wasatch in a snowbound backcountry cabin that they built together by hand. 

Website- Backcountry Living

Instagram- @cindilougrant @backcountryliving

Facebook- Cindi Lou Grant, Zach Grant