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Why You Need a Pair of Bib Pants

We love bibs and so do our friends at evo. They wrote up an article on why you should make the switch to bibs, with a couple nods to both our men’s and women’s bibs.

Powder Features Cooper Jacket, Foxy Bib

We created a whole new fabric for this year's line of outerwear. Called the Perm, it's not that regrettable perm your mom got in the 80s. Nope. It's a highly permeable (hence the name) fabric, that we sourced from Intuitive Fabrics, specifically for high-motion activities like ski touring, bootpacking, and lugging too much gear through the ski-area parking lot.  This year's supremely lightweight Cooper Jacket is made from the Perm, and Powder Magazine recently called it one of the best men's...

Backcountry Magazine Reviews Foxy Bibs

When we first started making women's bib ski pants, we weren't sure that they'd sell. Little did we know. The Foxy Bib is now one of our top-selling items, a cult favorite that gets cleaned off of shelves as soon as it arrives. There are a reasons women love the Foxy Bibs so much. They fit well, unlike a lot of bib pants. They have an easy side-zip system for bathroom breaks in the woods. And they come with all...

Adventure Journal features Foxy Bibs among Best Women's Bibs

"If you re not wearing bibs, you might be making a big mistake," writers Abbie Barronian, a correspondent for the Adventure Journal. And she's right, women's bibs are having a moment. When we first set out to design the women's Foxy Bib, we weren't even sure if there was as market for women's bibs. Boy, were we wrong. These pants have been among our best selling product, ever. Abbie goes onto list her favorite women's bibs. Here's what she has...

More Love for the Foxy Bib

We weren't sure how women would react when we rolled out our first-ever women's bib ski pant. Would they like it? Would it fit right? Do women even want a bib pant? Turns out, we can't keep them on the shelves. The Foxy Bib, which debuted this past fall, is one of our best selling women's pants ever and we continue to hear from our customers and the media about how well constructed and designed they are. For example, from...

Powder Editors Pick Foxy Bib, Genius Jacket

People just can't seem to stop saying good things about our new women's Foxy Bibs. In Powder Magazine's latest issue, they recommend the best new outerwear of the year and yep, the Foxy Bibs are on the list. The editors call them the best they've seen in the women's bib category. They also selected our newly updated Genius Jacket, calling it a "tough, lightweight jacket intended for backcountry missions that can also hang out in the resort any day."