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Freeskier Magazine Reviews Calypso Jacket, Magarac Glove, Billie Coat, Lab Coat

We could spend the entire tram ride telling you about how waterproof our jackets our, our durable our pants are, and how versatile our gloves are. But maybe you want an outside opinion? We get that. Try listening to the folks at Freeskier Magazine, who test hundreds of pieces of gear each year, and see what they have to say about our new gear. Now featured in the gear guide of Freeskier Magazine, on newsstands now. The Calypso Jacket: "Wearing...

Freeskier Reviews Foxy Bib

Our new women's Foxy Bib sure is getting a lot of attention. (We had a hunch women were in the market for a high quality women's bib, but there was no way to know until we actually made it.) Freeskier Magazine recently included the Foxy in their latest Trend Book, which covers all the latest and greatest in the world of freeeskiing. "The all-new Foxy Bib is a mighty good lookin', high performance piece for the ladies who spend their...

Freeskier Magazine Features Flylow

Freeskier Magazine's new Buyer's Guide just dropped in our mailboxes, which means it'll be no time at all before ski resorts start opening for the season and the first fat flakes of winter fall from the sky. The gear guide is full of this year's coolest new gear, from skis to goggles to gloves, and yes that includes Flylow. The magazine's editors highlighted our new women's Foxy Bibs (already a top seller and crowd favorite for this season) and the...

Freeskier's Gear Guide