Why We Don’t Actually Care About the Long-Term Weather Forecast

This is the time of year when everyone starts trying to predict the snow forecast for the approaching winter. Will it be a big, record-smashing, powder-day-after-powder-day type of winter? Or maybe it’ll be an average winter with just a standard amount of snow? Or maybe we’re doomed for one of those below-average, feels-like-June-in-January winters? To […]

Dawn Patrol

Nick Daniels’ had a New Year’s resolution this year: Make time for more epic adventures. For him, that means more dawn patrols, more climbing mountains in the dark and watching the sun rise from a snow-covered peak, surrounded by good friends. You can read Nick’s full account — and check out his portfolio of gorgeous photos […]

The Quest for Snow

Jesse Levine recently put together a cool story for Matadornetwork.com about a backcountry mission to find snow during a particularly warm Colorado October. “I weighed my options: I could tag along and spend two days trudging my gear to a remote peak with a 50/50 chance of actually skiing or stay home and enjoy the last […]

Building a Skier’s Mobile Home

This past summer, telemark skier Bevan Waite bought a run-down van from a surfer in San Francisco. His vision? Create the ultimate winter rig to be his home base for ski trips and life on the road. He’s spent the last six months working on his van, which he’s named Bubba. And now, as winter […]

Don’t Forget to Smile

I was fumbling around during some paragliding ground handling and feeling scared when my friend Chris Santacroce told me to smile. “Smile?” I thought. I was stressed, scared of the possibility of getting dragged around on the ground, thinking negatively, and probably frowning. But I smiled anyway. And it worked. The back pocket superpower of […]

Independent, and Proud of It

Flylow is proud of its independent roots. Want to know who owns Flylow Gear? It’s not some big corporate conglomerate. Or some rich guys in three-piece suits. Flylow’s majority owners are the guys who founded the company and still run it today—thirtysomething Colorado natives Greg and Dan, friends since college, both lifelong skiers. Plus a guy […]

Into the Deep

Yep, winter is coming. Here’s a little something to get you excited for the face shots and untracked lines that await you this season. This video from Bellingham, Washington-based skier John Wells does the trick.

Hot Wax: The Movie

Our friends at Verb Cabin put together this video for us. It all started when Flylow’s Dan Abrams called Verb Cabin’s Mike Rogge, winded from a bike ride, and said he wanted to make a fake movie trailer for the 2016 ski season. Rogge was in. So he and a crew traveled to Jackson Hole, […]

Skiing Las Vegas: Doug Evans Reports

If you’ve ever skied at Colorado’s Loveland ski area, you’ve probably seen Doug Evans. He’s the guy ripping nonstop, high-speed laps down the Chair 1 liftline, effortlessly jumping off building-high cliffs and finding powder stashes when everyone else has given up hope. He’ll be on first chair and last chair, disappearing only to hike a backcountry lap. […]