Four Tools and Tips I Use to Navigate the Backcountry

by Cindi Lou Grant [Editor’s note: Backcountry snowboarders Cindi Lou Grant and her husband, Zach, live full-time in a remote cabin deep in Utah’s Wasatch range, which they access by touring or snowmobile.] I was 16 when I got caught in my first avalanche. I had just started backcountry riding—I was learning about avalanches through […]

Westward, Episode 4: The Weatherman

Westward Season 3: The Weatherman from Flylow Gear on Vimeo. Joel Gratz didn’t grow up in a skiing family, but his parents got him on skis at a young age at Shawnee Mountain in Pennsylvania. “I’ve loved it since I was four years old,” he says of skiing. As a kid who was obsessed with […]

Why the Sinclair Flannel Should be on your Holiday List

Holiday shopping is hard. And finding the right gift for skiers is even harder—what gear do they need? What do they already have? What will they like? Thank goodness the resilient testers over at the Gear Institute did some of the homework for us. Their holiday gift guide includes everything for the mountain-loving person on […]

How Gary Fondl Skied 550,582 vertical feet in a season

Meet Gary Fondl, a Frisco, Colorado, skier who set out last winter to log 500,000 vertical feet of human-powered backcountry skiing—that’s like climbing Everest 41 times. Here’s how he did it. How many days a year do you get out skiing? I live in Frisco at 9,100 feet in the mountains of Colorado, so I […]

Ski Mag Reviews Lab Coat, Compound Pant, Crowe Jacket

The Lab Coat has been a staple at Flylow for years now, but this year, we updated the jacket with eVent DV Expedition fabric, which boasts a 30k waterproof rating while maintaining an air permeable level of breathability. So you get it all—supreme protection in a storm but in a shell that won’t feel sweltering […]

Freeskier Magazine Reviews Calypso Jacket, Magarac Glove, Billie Coat, Lab Coat

We could spend the entire tram ride telling you about how waterproof our jackets our, our durable our pants are, and how versatile our gloves are. But maybe you want an outside opinion? We get that. Try listening to the folks at Freeskier Magazine, who test hundreds of pieces of gear each year, and see […]

Chatting Flylow on the Blister Podcast

Whenever you need trusted, long-form, well-tested reviews of outdoor gear like skis or ski jackets, you should check out Blister Gear Review. They tell it like it is, and their reviews are exactly what you need when you’re about to invest in something you plan on using for a long time. Blister founder Jonathan Ellsworth recently […]

While You’re Waiting for the Snow to Fall…

Ski movie trailers are dropping. Ski passes are on sale. New gear is hitting shelves at your local ski shop (we’ve got select items from our fall 2017 collection now in stock). There’s a little chill in the air in the early morning. What does all of this mean? That ski season is on its […]

Dawn Patrol

Nick Daniels’ had a New Year’s resolution this year: Make time for more epic adventures. For him, that means more dawn patrols, more climbing mountains in the dark and watching the sun rise from a snow-covered peak, surrounded by good friends. You can read Nick’s full account — and check out his portfolio of gorgeous photos […]

Working For The Weekend – S3|E2 – Quebec Quest

The Chic-Choc Mountains of Quebec get a ton of snow each season and Ben has long been planning a trip to the region. He finally got his chance and brought Louise Lintilhac, Paige Fitzgerald, and Nick Martin on the 10 day quest. In this first episode of the trip, the group explores some classic lines […]