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Kit Womens Habitat Spring 2

Life Bib

Everyday women’s overalls from the people who brought you your favorite winter bibs.

Color: Black
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  • $ 82.50 $ 110.00


    You loved overalls when you were a kid. You wear bib pants skiing all winter long. Why are you not wearing these yet? The Life Bibs are exactly that—a grown-up jumper for everyday wear and active use. These flattering, functional bibs are made from a stretchy, durable fabric that moves with you whether you’re gardening or hiking. We took a style statement piece and thanks to smart, stretchy fabric, we made it functional for getting sweaty in. They’ve got hand pockets up front fo

    r whatever you need to stash, a barely-there elastic waistband in the back for impromptu dance parties, and pops of style to keep you looking good.
    • 97% nylon, 3% spandex
    • Durable Oxford weave
    • Elastic waistband in the back
    • Zippered snack pocket on the bib
    • Higher coverage in the back
    • Two hand pockets
    • Active pleats for mobility
    • 29-inch inseam
    The Life Bib Features
    Intuitive IQ
    Intuitive IQ is a 97 percent nylon, 3 percent spandex blend that’s abrasion resistant to fight off stray branches and quick-drying in case of a sudden sweat. The subtle stretchiness is enough to convince you that you can do yoga in this fabric, even if you’ve never done yoga in your life. The durable and quick-drying nature of this 50+ UPF fabric make it suitable for active or relaxed pursuits.
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