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Unified Episode 2: Ashli Lewis

Ashli Lewis makes a living working as a wildlife biologist and environmental scientist with California State Parks, but on her weekends? You can find her racing or riding bikes. A longtime enduro athlete from the Tahoe area, Ashli—who goes by “Crashli” on social media—approaches riding with a sense of joy and grit.

She’s in it for the fun but also for the way the sport pushes her to be better. “I can be competitive against myself. I don’t have to be better than everyone else,” she says.

In this episode, Ashli rides alongside friends—she’s the one dancing on the deck of a fire lookout tower deep in California’s Sierra Buttes, before blasting a steep, rocky trail down with a huge smile on her face. We also see her race at the California Enduro Series event at Mount Shasta, where she competes in part just for the friends and community she gets to surround herself with at races.

Ashli has modeled her life around a work hard, play hard mentality and she lives up to it every day.


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