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2018 Mountain Joggers

Mountain Joggers let you explore your active skill sets. Less for yoga, they’re more for trail running, hiking and camping. The fabric is super cool and feels like a light terry cloth, but is all synthetic so they move very well in stride, wick moisture from the skin and dry quick. We made them to look less less techy, so even though they rule at high output activities, you don’t have to look like you always left the trailhead.

Understated joggers that rule the trails, but look great around town or travelling.

 - Intuitive™ IQ Fabric: Tech Terry 

- 87% Polyester, 7% Tencel, 6% Spandex 

-50+ UPF 

-Quick Dry 

-Elastic waist with cinch 

-Elastic cuffs 

-Hand Pockets 


$ 60.00 $ 80.00