If you were to take a few runs with any member of the Flylow team, you’d likely come away with a sense of what the company creators care most about in their business. Values such as community, quality, responsibility and a love for the outdoors are contagious in the world of Flylow, and are anchored at the very foundation of the company. Among the many strengths that Flylow founders Greg Steen and Dan Abrams bring to the company is their instinct toward sustainable business practices. Although both would call “sustainable business practices” by a different name — Greg would probably mention backwoods smarts and Dan may simply cite good business. Regardless of what name it takes, Flylow cares deeply about the company’s social, cultural, and environmental impacts and is excited to share its sustainability journey as it unfolds.

Flylow’s sustainability journey could easily be compared to skiing into a backcountry yurt in a heavy snowstorm. The skin track may be covered at times, and the map and landmarks won’t always match up. Despite these unknowns, the objectives are as clear as the bluebird powder day that promises to unveil the next morning. By weighing decisions against its core values and using its guiding principles as a compass, Flylow is confident in its ability to achieve the following ambitious objectives as stated in the long-term sustainability plan.

1. To have a positive impact on the lives of every person touched by our operations, employees, customers, and community.
2. To create “the harmless jacket,” outerwear with complete intrinsic goodness. To design and manufacture quality products made 100% from safe and healthful materials and processes that meet all of our important design criteria.
3. To do no harm to the planet through our manufacturing processes and daily operation.
4. To leave a legacy of leadership. To inspire people and businesses to follow our lead through our Flylow community and lifestyle.

Thanks for checking out Flylow. We hope to see you out in the mountains.