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A Review of the Flylow Rainbreaker Jacket

Mountain bikers are still learning about Flylow, and that's OK—we just started making clothes specifically for them a few years ago. (Skiers and snowboarders, on the other hand, we've been building gear for for 15 years.)

Writer Drew Rohde at Loam Wolf admits he hadn't heard of Flylow before acquiring our Rainbreaker Jacket. Here's what he had to say after a few months testing the lightweight shell. 

"I absolutely love the look of this jacket. The colors are dialed, no major graphics or branding and a nice tailored fit make it a trusty option to keep in my CamelBak at all times. It’s light enough to wear on mild days where a little chill has be wanting a bit more, but won’t turn me into a sweaty pig within the first ten minutes of the climb. It’s more than capable of handling a downpour and gives peace of mind when you’ve got it on your back. The Flylow Rainbreaker packs up nicely and although we would have liked to see a slightly lower price or maybe some hand pockets, we don’t have much bad to say about it. I’m definitely stoked on this jacket and will be using it a lot more this year."

Read the full review here.