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Westward Goes East


In Westward, an original video series produced by KGB Productions with support from Flylow, we document what it takes to make life work in the mountains. We go inside the cabins, kitchens, and vans of ski-town personalities and introduce viewers to interesting, insightful characters they’ve never heard of before. Westward focuses on something more substantive and relatable than the next raddest line—it is a series celebrating life in the mountains, the sacrifices it takes to live there, and the communities and people who make it home. Now in the 6th and final season of Westward, we head East.

For season six, Westward’s traveling to a part of the country that breeds a different type of skier; a place that requires one to persevere through frigid temps and January thaws. The birthplace of the term, “bulletproof.” As an inevitable result, the average Vermont skier is by necessity, simply more committed than most. Season 6 of Westward offers a glimpse into their motivations, lifestyles, and pride of living in and skiing the East.

We’ll pay a visit to Corinne Prevot. Her path to entrepreneurship followed a route that we can relate to at Flylow; she started Skida because she couldn’t find an existing product that met her standards of fashion and function.

For episode 2, Aaron Rice found himself facing the classic ski bum dilemma; keep living the dream while potentially sacrificing his future, or apply to grad school and follow the more traditional path. He went with the wild card option and decided to break the record for most vertical feet skinned and skied in a year.....In Vermont.

Next we’ll drop in on Sean Lawson, founder of Lawson’s Finest Liquids. Turning a hobby into a career is never easy, but today his beers rank at the top of the list in a state that is considered by many to be the craft beer capital.

Finally we spend some time with Mike Hayes. Don't let the corporate title fool you. Mike is a ski bum in the classic sense, but he’s also the Global Head of Digital Technology at Ben & Jerry’s. If you’re prone to FOMO, don’t follow him on Instagram, because he skis more than you and still gets to work at 9am.