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Way Out West


In Westward, an original video series produced by KGB Productions with support from Flylow, we document what it takes to make life work in the mountains. Now in Season 4 of Westward, we hit the road to Tahoe to meet some of the area’s most devoted skiers and passionate change-makers.

These are the people who’ve given up traditional lives and cubicle-bound careers in order to follow their hearts to snow-covered peaks. In order to do so, they’ve made sacrifices, endured unspeakable hardships, and been forced to create their own paths. These are the people who’ve moved all the way west to California in search of happiness deep in the Sierra. And in Westward, they let us into their classrooms, vans, and families to see how it’s all gone down.

In Season Four of Westward, we’ll head into the home of Sherry McConkey, whose husband, pioneering freeskier Shane McConkey, died in a ski-BASE accident in 2009. Sherry channeled her grief into something good, by creating the Shane McConkey Foundation, which benefits local schools.

 We’ll meet filmmaker Jonny Rockwood, a ski coach and waiter who films and edits homemade, no-budget ski movies each winter that capture his friends exploring Tahoe’s surrounding backcountry. He makes a movie—starring not pro skiers, but regular folks, skiing approachable, backyard terrain—that sells out the local movie theater on opening night and spreads stoke everywhere.

 We’ll go into the classroom of teacher Brennan Lagasse, an outdoor leadership professor at Sierra Nevada College who has spent months in the Arctic and who spends more days in the backcountry than almost anyone. He’s also a freelance writer, social justice activist, and veteran ski guide with Points North Heli-Adventures and Ice Axe Expeditions.

Last but not least, we’ll get to know the founders of Flylow, Dan Abrams and Greg Steen, friends since college who’ve been steering the ship at Flylow for well over a decade now. We’ll learn of their early beginnings, the mistakes they learned the most from, and how they’ve managed to grow an independent company while not missing a powder day.

Westward is about a group of skiers, about the men and women who call the mountains home, no matter how tough the storms get along the way.

Season 4 Episodes Coming Soon.

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