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Westward Season 5 / Episode 3

Anne Cleary

Anne Cleary grew up a Vermonter. She studied global studies and studio art at the University of Vermont, worked as a caretaker and trail steward for the state’s Green Mountain Club, and together, with a group of friends, she helped launch Mad Trees, a collaborative content team and so-called “media wolfpack.”

Eventually, she moved westward to Bellingham, Washington, in search of bigger mountains and her tribe of people in the Northwest. She found both. Nowadays, Cleary holds down a day job as a producer at Barwick Photography, but she’s still a ski bum and mountain bike bum at heart.

She also works as an independent photographer and filmmaker, capturing some of the ski and mountain bike industries' most captivating imagery. You'll recognize her work as the raw, gritty, real content that puts viewers on the frontlines alongside powder-hungry backcountry skiers, van-dwelling nomads, and hardy, dirt-loving cyclists.

Westward Series: Season 5

When the mountains call, you must answer. Or at least that’s what happened to the three characters profiled in the newest season of Flylow’s webisode series, Westward, produced by KGB Productions and now in its fourth season. Westward follows the life stories of four unique individuals who’ve chosen to forgo traditional lives—like desk jobs in skyscrapers and 9-to-5 commutes—for alternative paths in the mountains. They have ventured out on their own, choosing to risk it all to follow their inexplicable devotion to snow-covered peaks. Through that leap, they have become their own bosses, setting their own destiny and breaking their own trail in a world that’s rugged, wild, and beautifully unknown.