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Season 3 / Episode 2


In this episode of Westward, a Flylow video series produced by KGB Productions, we get to know Denver resident and Vermont transplant Keri Bascetta, who now works as the director of photography for Ski Magazine. 

Bascetta started as the assistant photo editor at Ski Magazine in 2007, just after graduating with a degree in photography from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She was young, eager, and hard-working, and she’s since climbed her way up the ladder to hold the top photo position at one of the ski industry’s most long-standing magazines.

Originally from the small town of West Dover, Vermont, Bascetta grew up on the slopes of Mount Snow, the daughter of a ski instructor. She moved west to Colorado for college, where she fell in love with big mountains, backcountry travel, and capturing her snowy pursuits on camera. She never thought she’d be able to combine her passions for skiing and photography into a career.
“I never thought I’d be out here working as director of photography for Ski Magazine,” she says. “I thought I’d work there for three years and now I’m at 10 and I still love what I do. It’s a pretty awesome feeling to enjoy going to work and to be excited about what you’re doing.”

Westward Series: Season 5

When the mountains call, you must answer. Or at least that’s what happened to the three characters profiled in the newest season of Flylow’s webisode series, Westward, produced by KGB Productions and now in its fourth season. Westward follows the life stories of four unique individuals who’ve chosen to forgo traditional lives—like desk jobs in skyscrapers and 9-to-5 commutes—for alternative paths in the mountains. They have ventured out on their own, choosing to risk it all to follow their inexplicable devotion to snow-covered peaks. Through that leap, they have become their own bosses, setting their own destiny and breaking their own trail in a world that’s rugged, wild, and beautifully unknown.