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Baker Bibs Featured in Outside

Our most well-loved bibs for men get a mainstream nod of approval. 

Marc Peruzzi has been wearing and testing Flylow Gear ever since he was the editor of Skiing Magazine and Flylow's cofounder Dan Abrams, then a Denver-based bartender with a fledgling outerwear startup, would show up at the Skiing magazine office in Boulder, Colorado, on a Friday afternoon with a box of swag for the staff and a bottle of tequila to mix up margaritas. That was circa 2006 or so. Some things have changed (Dan doesn't work at a bar anymore). Some things haven't (he still mixes a good drink, and Peruzzi still wears our stuff).

The Baker offers the weather protection and comfort of technical bibs with a relaxed fit for mobility and style

Yep, those are our humble beginnings, but it's people like Peruzzi, who went on to become the editor and founder of Mountain Magazine and a contributor to many other publications, who have been supporters and believers and also field testers and critical reviewers of Flylow's gear for years now. We're thankful for all the people who gave us a shot back then and are still giving us good feedback today.

Anyway. All of this brings us to the point that this month Peruzzi tested and reviewed our well-loved Baker Bib in Outside's November issue, as part of a collection of gear that skis everything well. "The Baker offers the weather protection and comfort of technical bibs with a relaxed fit for mobility and style," he writes. (Sidenote: We're also a big fan of the Cast Touring Freetour upgrade kit also featured in the Outside review, which is the brainchild of Flylow athletes and brothers Lars and Silas Chickering-Ayers.)

Check out the rest of our bibs and find the perfect pair for you in our Bib Finder.

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