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Bibs For Easy Pee Breaks

We’ve been wearing and making bibs to ski in since way before bibs were popular. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned and perfected our bib design so they’re hyper-functional and durable for skiers. That means we’ve dialed in things like fit, pocket placement, strap design, thigh venting, and cuff reinforcement.

We’ve made kangaroo pouches precisely to store your sandwich or to securely attach your beacon. We’ve tweaked and tested different buckles, zippers, fabrics, and insulation and we now offer a full range of women’s and men’s bibs for every type of skier and rider out there, whether you’re looking for a lightweight bib to tour in or a lightly insulated bib to ride lifts in.

Along the way, we got a lot of feedback from women on one design feature in particular. Women skiers know that going to the bathroom—whether youre behind a stand of trees or in a stall in the lodge—in a pair of bibs can be tricky at best. If the bibs aren’t designed right, you have to shed your jacket and disrobe too many layers to get to the suspenders. (Not ideal.) Or if there’s a drop-seat that’s not well made, you’ll end up dipping your straps into a toilet. (Nobody wants that.)

So, when we built the women’s Foxy Bib, our original women’s bib, we asked around: What do you want in your bibs? And the resounding answer (among other feedback, of course) was a pair of bibs you could pee in. All of our women’s bibs feature the same easy-peasy system for going to the loo. Simply unzip the extended zipper on your left hip and pull the drop-seat out from behind you. Voila. No need to shed jackets and midlayers. 

Here’s what others have to say about our women’s bibs and how easy they are to use when nature calls.

“The Foxy’s left-side-only drop seat unsnaps and then unzips the full length of the pant leg should you need it. The straps and chest portion stay securely in place when you open the back. That guaranteed coverage allowed me to retain body heat when doing my business … The Foxy is nice and light, with extra features like belt loops and a zippered back pocket big enough for a wallet. I especially liked that the straps are secured with easy-to-release snaps. Bottom line, the Foxy Bib is a great bib for the ladies and its definitely easy-to-use when nature calls on the skin track.” —Outside Magazine

“Owning a pair of Flylow Foxy Bibs is like owning a Buick—once youve got one, you start to notice them everywhere. From the lift line to tailgates to the skin track, these bibs are taking over your local mountains thanks to their techy features and ultra-flattering fit. If you havent added them to your cart already based on the steezy colors alone, the 20k/20k waterproof-breathable membrane and hassle-free bathroom system add up to the most popular bibs in the biz.” —Evo

“Flylow Foxy comes equipped with both inner and outer thigh vents, which have proven incredibly useful for dumping heat during high-output ski tours ... The left exterior vent also doubles as the ‘barn door opening—it unzips from the side of the torso all the way down to the knee and makes the on/off process and bathroom breaks quick and easy (no need to remove your pack, beacon, or ski jacket). Though a relatively common inclusion on most modern bibs, the added convenience cannot be overstated.” —Switchback Travel

“I chose the Flylow Moxie Bib over others because it accommodates my body type more than any other brand … This bib has a side zipper that allows quick/easy bathroom breaks. For a bib that will work through any weather condition and type of terrain, the Flylow Moxie Bib is it. I would never replace this bib, except for another of the same bib!” —Curated

“One of our favorite features when testing the Foxy Bibs was its strategically placed pockets. Never underestimate a good pocket (or four): with two roomy thigh pockets, a large kangaroo pocket on the chest and a smaller chest pocket, there is plenty of room to carry your essentials (snacks, your phone, wallet, ski pass…) wherever you go. The Foxy also comes with a feature that you should be sure to look for when buying a bib—a drop seat. Located on the left side of the bibs, we found the drop seat to be easy to use when nature called, even with a zipped jacket and layers on underneath. This saved us the hassle of having to de-layer, which is a feature we dislike in many older bib models.” —Outdoor Gear Lab

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