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Bibs For Easy Pee Breaks

It's no surprise our crowd-favorite Foxy Bib is among the best "women's ski bibs that make pee breaks easier."

Women know that going to the bathroom—in nature or in a stall—in a pair of bibs can be tricky at best. If the bibs aren't designed right, you have to shed your jacket and disrobe too many layers to get to the suspenders. Or if there's a drop-seat that's not well made, you'll end up dipping your straps into a toilet. Nobody wants that. So, when we built the women's Foxy Bib, we asked around: What did women want? And the resounding answer was a pair of bibs you could pee in. Outside recently named the Foxy among the year's best bibs for women, highlighting the bathroom-friendly features.

From the Review

The Foxy’s left-side-only drop seat unsnaps and then unzips the full length of the pant leg should you need it. The straps and chest portion stay securely in place when you open the back. That guaranteed coverage allowed me to retain body heat when doing my business.

Callaghan went on to praise some of the Foxy's key features.

The Foxy is nice and light, with extra features like belt loops and a zippered back pocket big enough for a wallet, though I probably wouldn’t put anything in there if I was sitting on lifts all day. I especially liked that the straps are secured with easy-to-release snaps.

Bottom line, the Foxy Bib is a great bib for the ladies and it's definitely easy-to-use when nature calls on the skin track. 

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Foxy Bib

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What To Pair With The Foxy Bib

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