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Do Us a Favor. Shop Small This Week.

Back when Flylow was a brand new start-up operated entirely out of a basement in Denver, we knew the best way to get the word out about our gear was through specialty retailers, those small, mom-and-pop mountain shops selling trusted gear to skiers like you.

We found our first inroads at a south Denver shop called Mountain Meiser. The owner there believed in our mission and was willing to take a risk on a brand nobody had heard of before. Everything we made fit—a jacket, a pair of pants, plus a couple of hats and T-shirts—fit onto one custom wooden rack we built ourselves and set in the corner of the store.

Having that first store give us a chance opened the doors to many others. Since then, a majority of our business has been done through specialty retailers—and we’re really proud of that. These stores have helped grow Flylow into the business it is today and given us design feedback to improve our gear year after year. We couldn’t have done it without these shops and for that, we’re eternally grateful.

A slideshow presentation at a local ski shop.

A slideshow presentation at a local ski shop.

Local shops are the community gathering places for ski people. Need backcountry beta or a venue to host slideshow, the local shop is probably the place.

So now, it’s time to give back and show our thanks. For this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’d like to encourage you to step away from your computer. Go spend the day outside. Avoid the stampede at that big box chain store for an 85-inch TV you don’t need. Instead, show some love and support for your local stores, the brick-and-mortar shops that are the pulse and gathering places of mountain towns across the country.

If skiing, biking, running, climbing—or whatever you like to do outside—is your sanctuary, then these stores are your church. They are the knowledge local guidebook and essential supplier for your next great adventure. You cannot replace the community center that is independent retailers with anything found on the internet.

So on this shopping-crazed week, go find a store near you and say: Thank you for being here.

Need help finding a local shop that carries Flylow Gear? Check out our Dealer Locator.

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