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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

We're deep into fall at this point and coming up on the holiday season, and the reviews from ski rags and gear bloggers are rolling in. We think our gear is pretty incredible, but it's always nice when we get some positive affirmation from the gear people around the ski industry. We firmly believe that the people want quality, dependable, no-nonsense gear, and it seems the reviewers agree. 

Here's a quick look at some recent buzz.

For the Women:
(Or jump to men's) 

This year's hottest new outerwear kit seems to be the Domino Jacket and the Siren Bib. It's gotten reviews by Blister Gear, Backcountry Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, Backpacker Magazine, and SKI Magazine. As our one of our top new kits for the 2019-2020 season, it's great to grab a few awards.

Here are a few of their thoughts:


SKI Magazine Logo

SKI Magazine Logo

From their review of the Siren Bib

"Flylow's designers have a knack for building women's bibs that actually complement a figure. In other words, no, it doesn't' make your butt look's the latest in a line of techy yet curvy bibs that perform and look great doing it."


Backpacker Magazine Logo

Backpacker Magazine Logo

The Siren Bib also collected Backpacker Magazine's Editors Choice Award.

"For our female testers this winter, this was easily their favorite piece of apparel."

Watch the full review here


Freesier Logo

Freesier Logo


Freeskier reviewed the Domino and Siren together in their 2019 Winter Buyer's Guide.

"Built with backcountry ski tourers in mind, the Domino and Siren combo is light, tough, breathable and sexy as hell. The kit utilizes Flylow’s “the Perm” from Intuitive Fabrics, which is stretchy for incredible mobility, air permeable to allow trapped heat to escape easily and boasts a 20K waterproof rating. Talk about the ultimate touring package, eh?"


Sophia Rouches in the Flylow Domino Jacket and Siren Bib

Sophia Rouches in the Flylow Domino Jacket and Siren Bib

Sophia Rouches airs it out while heli-skiing in Canada in her Domino Jacket and Siren Bib

Our top women athletes also have love for the Domino/Siren combo. Its become the go-to kit for our gals that spend a good chunk of time in the skintrack, but don't hold back on the descent.

"The Domino jacket is my go-to for hitting the backcountry. It’s breathable for the quick boot packs out the gate of the resort, and easy to stuff in the backpack for the longer tours. All around a comfy, technical and stylish jacket."

—Flylow Athlete Sophia Rouches

Flylow Domino Jacket and Siren Bib

Flylow Domino Jacket and Siren Bib



Flylow Designer Tory Hayssen explains the Domino & Siren.

"We saw a void in lightweight touring gear for women. Most of the stuff out there is super techy, lacking pockets and features we wanted, and didn't always stand up to our abuse or transition to lift access. We wanted functional pieces with plenty of snack pockets ;) that you can access with and without a backpack, air perm, great weather protection, over the helmet hood, durability, and to feel at home in all our terrain choices. For us, versatility and function are really important and were pivotal in creating this touring-focused piece. But so was the fit, so we put extra attention there.


For the Men

Flylow Cooper Jacket and Smythe Bib

Flylow Cooper Jacket and Smythe Bib

Our Cooper Jacket and Smythe Bib return for 2019-20 as the lightest and most breathable bib/pant combo we've ever made. This is the kit that inspired us to develop our proprietary The Perm Fabric, which allows us to create a bib pant and matching jacket that can keep your temperature more regulated as you tour, while still maintaining our standards for durability.

Last year, the reviewers loved the Cooper and Smythe combo. This year is no different.


Blister Gear Logo

Blister Gear Logo

Blister Gear Review puts together one of the most comprehensive and honest gear guides in the industry. Getting a review from this crew is a big deal.

"Updated this year with a slightly lighter fabric, the Cooper remains one of our top picks for a breathable and lightweight touring or 50/50 shell...If you prioritize breathability and low weight, don't want a shell that's going to get soaked in wet storms or shredded in tight trees, and don't need a ton of pockets or a powder skirt, the Cooper should be high on your list."

"We already really liked Flylow's Smythe bib, and for 19/20 they made it even more appealing in the touring market by cutting a bit of weight. While it's pretty light, the Smythe doesn't skimp on the features."


Flylow Cooper Jacket and Smythe Bib

Flylow Cooper Jacket and Smythe Bib

Flylow Co-Founder Greg Steen on The Perm Fabric.

"We have a pretty rigorous durability standard with everything we make. When we set out to make a lightweight, air-permeable,  touring-focused kit, we couldn't find a fabric that suited our needs so we had to make it. Intuitive stepped up to help, and we created The Perm which allowed us to develop the Cooper and Smythe (and then the women's Dominio and Siren a year later) to the specs we wanted. Unlike traditional waterproof fabrics that rely on a buildup of water vapor within the jacket, The Perm actually lets small amounts of air to pass through the membrane (while staying 100% waterproof). This results in better temperature regulation during high-output activities like touring. The Cooper and Smythe are a great balance of weight, breathability, and weather protection but they'll withstand more abuse than the typical superlight backcountry/touring outerwear."



The Smythe/Cooper Combo is one of Daron Rahlves' favorite kits.

Daron's thoughts on the Smythe Bib

"For how thin and smooth the fabric is, I've blasted my knees through tree branches and it's held up to my punishment without a compromise in the material.  The cut makes this bib fit really well.  Shoulder straps stay in place and don't slide off. Side waist velcro straps adjust for a great fit. Tons of storage pockets where I can stash shades, snacks, avy transceiver, phone, scraper and more...taking the load out of my jacket. I run the Smythe Bib on colder days, backcountry missions and hunting pow on the sled or those awesome heli days."

Daron's thoughts on the Cooper Jacket

"This jacket feels good, moves well, and offers a ton of versatility. Overall it's the best feeling hardshell jacket I own. It thrives on warmer days with a minimalist mid-layer. It's simple, super light construction rolls up tight in the pack when you need to stash it."

Darron Rahlves in Flylow Gear

Darron Rahlves in Flylow Gear

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