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For the Dirt of It

If there's one thing that helps ease the sadness that inevitably comes with the end of ski season, it's the dawn of mountain biking. And the crew at Vermont-based Mad Trees, a network of outdoor enthusiasts living a casual lifestyle at full throttle, is helping all of us get in the mood for mountain bike season with this new video series, called "For the Dirt of It." The video celebrates all that is summer: friends, camping, biking -- the good, simple life in the mountains. The Mad Trees crew is putting some of Flylow's newest spring/summer wear to the test by pummeling singletrack at high speeds and navigating technical terrain with grace and ease. You'll see them sporting the McLean Windbreaker, the Pineapple Shirt, the Hot Tub Short, and more, proving our new collection not only has style, but it's also mighty durable. Stay updated on Mad Trees' latest videos here.