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Happy Trails: Behind the Scenes with Mark Morris

Happy Trails from Flylow Gear on Vimeo.

When he's not skiing backcountry lines around Colorado or trail running through the woods, Mark Morris is a world-class bluegrass producer, guitar player, and vocalist, the frontman of a band called Rapidgrass and the visionary behind Colorado's Rapidgrass music festival, a three-day bluegrass fest in Mark's hometown of Idaho Springs. 

Mark co-founded Rapidgrass festival in 2009 with Sister SarahRapids & Grass festival in 2014, and Rapidgrass band in 2012. 

As a sponsored professional skier, Mark is also a longtime friend and athlete for Flylow—he's been testing our gear for nearly a decade and you may recognize him modeling in some of our product shots. 

His latest album, released in 2017, is called Happy Trails, but in this video above, Mark talks about the literal trails that make him happy and the motivation behind his music.