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How to Care for your Flylow Gear

You wash your dog, you wash your bike, you wash your car, why wouldn't ya wash your waterproof outerwear?

Giving your technical shell jackets and pants a good schvitz helps improve performance and extends the life your gear. We love nothing more than seeing a high-mileage jacket that's been well cared for by its owner. 

Specific care instructions come inside each garment but for the Youtube Generation we've created this handy video for sprucing up your dirty hard and soft-shell pieces. Two-layer garments can be washed in a similar fashion, however we recommend using spray-on DWR rather than the wash in products. Lastly, when you dry an insulated piece, throw a tennis ball or two in the dryer with it. This will help keep the insulation evenly distributed.

When washing any technical garment, we always recommend Nikwax products. We have additional care information here.

Proper Care Instructions for your Flylow gear from Flylow Gear on Vimeo.

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