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How to Choose the Right Flylow Glove For You

Back in our early ski bum days, we used to buy leather gloves at the corner store, coat them in a waterproof treatment, then ski 100 days a year in them. Every liftie and ski patroller we knew on the mountain was doing the same thing, so it seemed like a no-brainer for us to start making high-quality, long-lasting, patrol-inspired gloves for skiers, built for shredders like you who beat up their gear the most.

Our gloves and mittens are built using remnant fabric from our outerwear to reduce waste and they’re made with durable, pretreated leather, which comes coated in a waterproofing DWR for added toughness. We still make many of the original gloves we made on day one. But over the years, we’ve expanded our glove and mitt offerings to make sure everyone—of all different preferences—can find something they like. Here’s how to figure out the right glove for you.

Tough Guy Glove

Tough Guy Glove

Simple, Durable, Classic

-You prefer gloves over mittens.

-You’ve been known to buy gloves at the gas station.

-You want a glove that’ll keep your hands dry and warm but you don’t need excess insulation.

­-You ski lifts and in the backcountry, and you also wear your ski gloves to shovel and do work outside.

Our original gloves are still going strong. Check out the canvas-backed Tough Guy Glove and the all-leather Ridge Glove. These gloves are still the go-to choice for low-maintenance, less-is-more ski bums who want a simple, durable glove that’ll get the job done. We’ve refined our waterproofing process over the years that we’ve been glovemakers. New this year, our classic gloves—like the Tough Guy and Ridge—are being treated with Durable Water Repellent coating at the factory level, to increase the consistency and reliability of their waterproofing.

Warm is Key

-You’ll take a mitten if that means your fingers don’t freeze on powder days.

-You’ve been known to use those shake-and-bake hand warmers.

-Your hands run cold, so extra insulation would be nice.

-You could use a cold-weather emergency glove to stash in your backcountry pack.

We now make extra-warm insulated gloves built for those with cold hands or for those chilly-temperature days. Check out our new Wolverine Glove for a premium goatskin leather glove packed with 60 grams of insulation. The Magarac Glove is another great cold-weather choice, thanks to a waterproof bag and a layer of insulation on the inside and extra durable leather on the outside. And our Snowman Glove and Snowman Mitt are also built for cold days, made with micropuff insulation on the inside and a synthetic leather on the outside. The Oven Mitt is another great classic choice for the mitten fans out there.

Wolverine Glove

Wolverine Glove

Over-the-Cuff, Please

-You can’t understand why anyone would ever want their gloves going underneath their jacket cuff.

-You’ve been known to wear gaiters over your pants for the same reason.

-For storm days, you want a burly gauntlet glove that keeps snow out. End of story.

-You’re open to a mitten or a glove. You have no idea what a lobster claw is but you’re willing to try new things.

This winter we’ve debuted a collection of new gloves—which we’re calling the Super D (short for, you guessed it, Super Duper)—made with a premium goatskin leather, which is tough and stormproof but also supple enough to give you the dexterity you need right out of the bag. No breaking in necessary. They’re lining with a wool-blended lining for extra insulation, and they come in gauntlet styles for those who prefer gloves or mittens that go over your jacket cuff, instead of under it. Because we want to give you options, we’ve debuted this style in a mitten, the Super D Mitt , a glove, the Super D Glove , and a lobster claw (half mitten/half glove), the Super D Lobster . (Go ahead, try new things!)

Lightweight and Minimal

-You need a spring skiing glove that won’t result in sweaty hands.

-You’ve been known to go Nordic skiing or running in the winter in thin gloves.

-A leather driving glove that you can also wear for outdoor projects? Yes, please.

-You want a thin liner glove that can go under another glove for added warmth.

Our DB Glove is a lightweight leather glove that you’ll wear backcountry skiing in the spring or on a sunny groomer day. New this year, we’ve got the thin, breathable fleece Liner Glove , useful for backcountry skintracks, skate skiing sessions, or to wear under bulkier gloves on extra cold days at the ski area. And also new this winter is our Daily Driver Glove , a nod to the classic leather driving glove but made for the mountains. Use that one for utility projects or for schlepping your gear to the hill.

Maine Line Glove

Maine Line Glove

Glove or Mitten? Help! I Can’t Decide

-You like the feel of mittens, but the dexterity of gloves.

-You’ve been known to struggle with decision making.

-Your hands run a little on the cold side.

-You’re a strong mountain person, and wearing a mitten makes you feel a little less tough.

If you can’t decide between a glove and a mitten, consider our Maine Line Glove the ultimate solution. This feels like a mitten—your fingers stay warm and snug—but you’ve got that pointer finger free for added dexterity and grip. Also check out our Unicorn Mitt, which looks like our classic leather glove—tough, durable, hardy—but in a modern-day mitten that won’t take away any of your pride.

You’re a Kid

-You love skiing because it’s so much fun.

-You also love the gummy bears and whipped cream.

-You’ve been known to call it quits after three runs. (That’s OK. We understand.)

-It would be sweet if your hands were warm and dry even though you’ve been digging a snow fort with your hands all morning so you could stay out longer.

Of course we couldn’t forget our youngest shredders and snow-play enthusiasts. The Mighty Unicorn Mitt is an insulated, waterproof-treated kids’ mitten made from pre-treated leather. It’s basically an adult Unicorn Mitt but made for smaller hands (comes in sizes extra small through extra large, which should fit kids from preschool to junior high). The Mighty Mitten is the same idea, but a little lighter—for sunnier days or clammier kid hands.

Wolverine Glove

Our most premium cold-weather ski glove.
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Daily Driver Glove

A must have for any well-equipped glovebox.
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Liner Glove

The fleecy liner glove you need for backcountry skiing or extra warmth on a cold day.
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Super D Lobster

Maximum warmth and just enough dexterity that it doesn’t feel like a mitten.
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