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“No Dig,” A New Mountain Bike Film

“No Dig,” A New Mountain Bike Film

A video tribute to local trail builders

Trails on public land are for everyone—whether you built the trail or not. That said, here’s how to give back to your local trail building crew.

There's a dated saying in mountain biking "No Dig, No Ride." We like to think that's bananas. Riding is for everyone. Digging is a bonus.

No Dig from MAD TREES on Vimeo.

That said, if you can pick up a shovel and join a trail building crew, that’s great, too. Trails don’t build themselves, after all. Find your local trail organization—IMBA has a list of local networks—and sign up for the next volunteer day or consider a donation to your area’s trail building organization. Every bit helps to keep our trails in good shape for your next ride, and we can all contribute in one way or another.

This film, “No Dig,” celebrates that simple idea: That trails are open to all, but we should also thank our local trail crews for doing the dirty work. Come along for the ride as friends and trail builders get to work on a new trail in Bellingham, Washington, then enjoy the fruits of their labor by rallying the new trail. Featured riders and trail builders include Bonnie Burke, Shae James, Cody Wilkins, Sophia Rouches, and friends.


“There are many ways to support your local and regional trail organizations,” says Jeremy Benson, a Tahoe-based mountain biker and trail builder. “Being good stewards of the trail is another way to help the trails in general. Being nice to other users, saying hi, moving the occasional branch or rock off the trail, and respecting the established rules of trail etiquette is important for all trail users.”

Here are more tips—from trail builders themselves—on how to give back to your local trails.

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