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Our New Favorite Summer Backyard Game

Flylow presents Beersbee - A Brief How-To from Flylow Gear on Vimeo. Unpack those ski poles, friends. Beersbee (aka Poleish Horseshoes, beersbee, or Frisbeer) is usually played with two teams of two players, although single players can also play. Each player should have a drink in one hand at all times, and throw or catch with the other. Position the two poles at least 20 to 40 feet apart, whatever is most comfortable based on your skill level. Place an empty can on top of each pole. *We ve found playing with a bottle sometimes leads to shattered, sharp glass so we opt for a can. If the can is blowing over with the wind, weight it down with a little water, sand, etc. Scoring/Offense The throwing team must throw the frisbee from behind the pole. The goal is to knock the can off the opponent's pole with the frisbee. You can score points in a few ways: -If your opponent drops the frisbee, you score 1 point -If you knock the can off the pole and it hits the ground, you score 1 point -If you hit the can directly, you score 1 point The most you can score in one turn is 3 points. The first team to reach the predetermined total, usually 11 or 21, wins. Defense The receiving team must catch the throwing team's frisbee every time it is thrown. If the frisbee hits the ground, the throwing team earns a point. You are not allowed to catch the frisbee until it crosses the pole, so it is best to stand a step or two behind your pole. If the frisbee is touched before it crosses the pole, it is an automatic 3 points for the throwing team. However, only catchable frisbees result in penalty points. What is considered catchable must be determined beforehand, but generally throws below the knee and throws out of reach without jumping are considered not catchable. Kick back in the sun, relax and enjoy playing. (official rules courtesy of Poleish Sports)

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