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Rescued by a Flylow Jacket in Ecuador

We recently got this note from a friend of Flylow named Ian Scobie.  It made us smile and maybe it'll do the same for you. It goes to show that the Flylow tribe helps each other out in all corners of the globe. Here goes:

I'm sitting at my desk not wanting to study so I figured I'd share a story of one of the craziest moments from my motorbike trip. Long story short I was stranded solo in Quito, Ecuador, for a week with a bike that had mysterious electrical issues. I had gone to every motorbike shop I could find and nobody would help me. Just as I was about to give up all hope, I noticed a Flylow jacket crossing the street.

I yelled down the street in English because let's face it, a guy over 6-feet tall wearing Flylow in Quito had to be a Gringo. We started chatting about the jacket and I got his story. He was an Australian raft guide who moved to BC, fell in love with it and lives there now. Turns out he was filming for a motorbike tour company in Quito.

I quickly invited myself over to meet the guy who ran the tour company and he let me stay with them for a few days and completely disassemble my bike in his shop until I found the elusive wire short. After some celebratory beers that night I had one of my favorite days solo exploring the Volcan Pichincha and hit my highest point of the trip at over 15k feet!  

Thanks to the Flylow spotting in Quito, my bike lived to ride another day, and the adventure went on!

 Hope all is well, 

Ian Scobie  


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