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Scout. Design. Build. Ride.

Scout. Design. Build. Ride.

Getting in the flow with mountain biker and trail builder Jenna Kane.

Jenna Kane is a skier and guide who spends her winters traversing high peaks in the Sierra. Come summertime, you can usually find her on her bike. In this short film, “In the Flow with Jenna Kane,” we get to know Kane as she tackles her next big project: trail building.

Kane started trail building as a mountain biker first—volunteering for trail days. “I really enjoyed that. It felt like a great way to give back to mountain biking,” she says. She recently finished a new trail at Kirkwood ski area, near South Lake Tahoe, California. She’ll scout a zone, measure, look at soils, then take that data and map it. From there, she can predict how a trail will look and how it should be built. She and a crew will flag a trail on the ground, then begin the build process. “The building process has a lot of trial and error. You build something and then you have to test and ride it. And oftentimes, you have to go back and make changes,” she says.

In the end, it’s about building a trail that’s flowy and fun that keeps her in the game. “The flow state you can drop into on a bike is more so than even in the winter when you’re skiing,” she says. “There’s something about moving fast through the terrain and having a sensory experience but then zoning in on the singletrack in front of you. Finding ways to be playful yet also charge. There’s nothing quite like that feeling.”

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