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Snocru Loves Our Maine Line Gloves

Like the feel of mittens but want more dexterity? Our Maine Line Gloves might be for you.

In a roundup of 10 Must-Have Upgrades to Your Ski and Snowboard Kit, Snocru included our new Maine Line Gloves.

They write: "Do you love the warmth of mittens but need the dexterity of a glove?  Well we have the glove for you – Flylow’s Maine Line Glove. This crossover allows you to adjust your boots or point out lines without having to take your gloves off in extreme weather.  They are made with pre-treated, waterproof pigskin plus comes with an additional waterproofing wax to apply for extra reinforcement. If you want a functional glove that sometimes keeps your hands even too hot…the Maine Line is for you!"

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