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These Are The Shorts and Overalls You’ll Spend All Summer In

These Are The Shorts and Overalls You’ll Spend All Summer In

We called these essentials in the women’s spring line the “Life Collection” for a reason. You will wear them for all of life’s happenings.

I’m at the farmer’s market on a Thursday morning and I’m wearing my Life Bibs. (Because why would I wear anything else?) I’ve stuffed my pockets with all the things: phone, cash, empty canvas bag for produce, half-eaten muffin from the bakery lady. These overalls have a slim, flattering fit, but trust me: They can carry more than you think. I’ve ridden my bike to the market, which means when I’m pedaling home—weighed down by a bag of peaches and a bundle of fresh flowers—I need stretch and breathability in my clothes. But I don’t want to look like I’m in workout gear. Technical, without looking that way. Again, the Life Bib delivers.

These overalls are my regular summertime uniform. I rarely wear anything else. Created by a Flylow designer who dreamed of an active overall, the Life Bib is a women’s utility overall built for tromping around. She took what she’d learned from building wintertime bibs and applied it to the warmer season. For these summertime bibs, our product team went on a hunt for the perfect fabric. It had to be light and breathable, with enough stretch to ride a bike or go for a hike. The fabric had to dry quickly and be technical but still comfortable.

That wasn’t an easy feat, but they sourced a durable, versatile fabric—Intuitive™ IQ fabric, a nylon-stretch blend—and created a pair of overalls that became daily drivers for me and many of you out there. With the success of the Life Bib, Flylow designers figured, why not take that fabric we all love so much and offer it in other forms? So, they chopped the pants off the bibs and created the women’s Life Jumper, the same idea but in overall shorts. And since not everyone needs overalls, they created the Life Short as well.

The end result is a curated assortment of items—shorts, pants, overalls—in a trusted and resourceful fabric that’ll cover your bases whether you’re going for a hike, strolling through town, or hopping on your bike to run errands (like, say, to buy flowers and muffins).

You can find the Life essentials in our women’s spring Habitat collection.

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