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This is Delilah Cupp

She's a skier, a mountain biker, and a climate change advocate. 

If you haven't watched "Girls Gotta Eat Dirt" yet, then first take six minutes to enjoy some rad mountain biking and a whole lotta fun. Then let us introduce you to Delilah Cupp, a Flylow athlete and one of the women featured in that film.

image by @ripton_co

image by @ripton_co

Cupp was recently interviewed by ski writer Greg Fitzsimmons—check out his full interview with her here (and sidenote: it's worth subscribing to his Substack—quality storytelling happens there. Don't miss his recent elegy to one of our favorite skiers, the late great Ryan Hawks). 

But back to Cupp. She grew up a skier in the North Cascades of Washington, spent years as a ski racer and now is pretty darn speedy on a bike. 

"On my bike, I look at the trail differently and feel the terrain in a different way because of skiing," Cupp told Fitzsimmons. "I always think that skiing makes me a better biker and vice versa. It’s really about who I’m with and where I’m at that inspire me. In skiing, a lot of my inspiration has been the people I’m following on skis."

image by @same_sage

When she's not bombing downhill, Cupp works as the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force in Colorado, helping combat climate change through forest protection efforts. 

image by @same_sage

image by @same_sage

"Especially in my job and what I studied in school, I got to see firsthand the small-scale community-level successes that do happen but aren’t in the global news," she says. "These things save lives, make people’s lives a lot better and protect indigenous rain forests from getting cut down. It’s easy to look at the big picture and say, “We’re completely fucked. What’s the point?” But, it’s really important to look at the small successes that do add up to be at least a small sum of the parts."

You can follow along on Cupp's adventures here.

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