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Video: Own Your Time With Rose Grant

Video: Own Your Time With Rose Grant

Getting to know champion mountain biker Rose Grant.

Spoiler alert: Rose Grant wins a lot. When she enters a mountain bike race, there’s a good chance she ends up on the podium. She won her second Leadville Trail 100 MTB in 2021 and she’s a five-time Mountain Bike Marathon National Champion. 

“Winning is definitely the goal,” she says. “I do have a competitive side. This other person comes into me and is like, OK, it’s time to go.”

Rose Grant

Rose Grant

In this latest film, “Own Your Time With Rose Grant,” we get to know Grant as a cyclist, a mother, and one of the hardest-working women in mountain biking. We visit her at her home in Columbia Falls, Montana, where she’s raising her 9-year-old daughter, Layla, and logging lots of miles on her bike.

Grant grew up in the small town of Darby, Montana. She didn’t start racing bikes until her late 20s, late compared to her peers. She entered a few local races, then some regional races, and she quickly started winning everything. “I felt like I had been gifted my calling when I found the bike,” she says.

Now 40, she’s had a decorated career but she’s also wise enough to understand that you can’t win them all. “If things go smoothly, then I’m happy,” she says. “I’ve learned to surrender to the circumstances—that’s in life and training.”

And sometimes, even when she wins, it can feel like an out-of-body experience. “Sometimes I feel like, I don’t know how I just won that race? Who am I to have a performance that stands out?” she says. “But this is where I’m meant to be. For whatever reason, I’ve been blessed that way a lot of the time. That has helped me to persevere through the difficult times.”

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