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Westward, Episode 2

In Westward, a new video series from KGB Productions debuting on, we take a look into the lives of four mountain characters who have moved westward to discover their own truths in the mountains, their own lifestyles away from the norm. Missed episode one? Check it out here. Dan Durkin was living the American Dream; a job with the State Department in Washington DC, followed by business school and a lucrative finance job on Wall Street. But to him, it never felt right and he was haunted by memories of snowcapped mountains, from his college years in Colorado. Then, on a whim he signed up for a Doug Coombs ski camp in La Grave, France, and after spending time with someone who embodied the idea of living life to its fullest, he returned to the city with a clear path: he gave his notice at work, packed up his apartment and a month later had arrived in Jackson, Wyoming.