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Why We Reinvented our Women's Gear

Fall 2018 marks the culmination of a five-year project to make better gear for women.

Forgive our fuzzy memory, but we started making Women's outerwear and apparel sometime around 2010 or 2011. While that first line achieved many of the Flylow hallmarks for all-mountain functionality and durability, and countless lady shredders picked up pieces for their kits, we knew we had more to learn about the nuances of women's product.

What have we discovered during this evolution? By pulling new patterning and cuts borrowed from fashion pieces, we were actually able to create better technical pieces.

After that initial success, though, we challenged ourselves to dive deep into women's gear design. We found new style influences and better technical fabrics. We asked countless women about their needs for every kind of skiing. We took measurements, mapped the female body, and began rebuilding the line piece by piece. 


Today, the whole design team is super proud of the state of women's collection. In the last five years, we've revamped every piece. Culminating with Fall 2018 and major updates to the Vixen Jacket and Donna Pants, new additions like the Ronan Jacket and Sphinx Bibs, every stitch of our collection has been rethought and improved since that first launch back in 2011.

What have we discovered during this evolution? By pulling new patterning and cuts borrowed from fashion pieces, we were actually able to create better technical apparel. More refined silhouettes mapped accurately to the female form paired with technical stretch fabrics both improve aesthetics but also move better in the mountains. The little details matter, whether that's a pop of quilting over insulation, or moving a shoulder seam for a cleaner line, and, as it would have it, improved wear. 


Fall 2018 is the end of a long journey for Flylow women's gear, and we think you'll dig every piece in the collection. But it's also the start of an even bigger challenge. What's next?

We've got a few ideas rooted in our no-nonsense design philosophy and independent spirit, but we always appreciate input from ya'll in the field, using our stuff everyday. Drop us a review of our current gear at our store or through social media, or send us loves, hates, or ideas to We love to hear from you. 



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