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Yes, You Need a Large Brimmed Hat for Summer

Outside Magazine calls the Flylow River Cowboy a favorite sun hat for the season.

When Outside writer Jakob Schiller had a scary near-miss with skin cancer, he went on a mission to find the most absurd but critical large-brimmed sun hats he could find. As a dad and an outdoorsy guy who lives in the desert, Schiller knew he needed sun protection for his face—and sunscreen alone wasn't enough. A big, ridiculous hat would be essential.

In this story, Why Every Dad Needs a Dorky Sun Hat, Schiller gives props to the Flylow River Cowboy, a straw hat that's perfect for those long days on the river or by the lake. Schiller says he uses it for beach days and backyard BBQs. "I love the look of the Cowboy because it’s so damn big and silly. I also get a little chuckle out of wearing a summer hat that says 'Ski Bum,'" he writes.

It’s so damn big and silly!

It’s so damn big and silly!

He points out that the straw is fragile, so yes, maybe don't crush yours into a crowded duffel if you want it to last. We just have a few of these hats left in stock, so pick yours up before they're gone.

River Cowboy

You're a river cowboy come summer, a ski bum come winter. We know because we are, too. This wide-brimmed straw hat offers sun protection on long river trips or beach days but still reminds people that you're a skier through and through.
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Happy Summer

Happy Summer

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