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Chemical Pant

This classic Flylow pant has hardshell fabric and cuff reinforcements.


Color: Rye
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  • $ 180.00 $ 360.00

    Temperature rating
    A signature item in the Flylow collection, the Chemical Pant combines classic styling—clean, rugged lines and a streamlined design—with modern tech features, like articulated knees, waterproof zippers, ample thigh venting, and reinforced knees and cuffs. It’s all packaged in a tough, hardshell Surface 3-layer fabric that’ll keep you protected from the elements. With Durable Water Repellent coating, the Chemical Pants will stay dry in a storm. One of our most resourceful pants, you’ll find the Chemical Pants suit your needs inbounds and out.

    • 3-layer Surface fabric
    • 100% polyester
    • 20k/20k waterproof breathable membrane

    • 1000 Denier cuff reinforcements
    • Fully seam taped
    • Articulated knee box
    • DWR (Durable Water Repellent)
    • 3 pockets
    • Beacon attachment system in pocket
    • Adjustable waist
    • Powder cuffs
    • Seamless cuff reinforcements
    • YKK waterproof zippers
    • Inner and outer thigh vents
    • Average weight: 851 grams
    The Chemical Pant Features
    Surface 2L and 3L
    Do this for a minute: Put on your ski jacket or pants and go step in the shower. If you’re wearing a Flylow piece made with Surface 2-layer or 3-layer hardshell fabric by Intuitive, you’ll watch the water bead up on the surface and slide right off. This burly, 150-Denier oxford weave, coated with a Durable Water Repellent, is designed to keep you warm and dry and have a tough but smooth feel. A nylon tricot on the backing protects the membrane and wicks moisture away from your body.
    High Performance DWR
    We dare you to go stand in a shower or the next rainstorm with your favorite Flylow jacket on. See how the water molecules roll off the shell fabric? That’s due to our high-performance Durable Water Repellent, a polymer coating added to fabric that makes it hydrophobic, meaning moisture beads up and rolls off, like marbles on glass.
    50/50 Inbounds/Out-Of-Bounds
    Conditions dependent, you split your time pretty evenly between the ski resort and the backcountry, which means you need gear that's tough and waterproof enough for the pounding of tram laps and storm skiing inbounds but won't sweat out on a climb on those days you decide to earn your turns. Here, we opt for fabrics and features that do double duty, like jacket powder skirts you can zip out or bib pants made for versatile pursuits.
    Chemical Pant Learn more about features and functions
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    Chemical Pant

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    $ 180.00 $ 360.00
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