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Skida X Shejumps Tour Gobblette

Skida X Shejumps Tour Gobblette

Wear this lightweight, non-insulated neck gaiter on storm days for wind protection and on spring tours to keep sunburn away.  20% of all proceeds will go to our partner SheJumps.  
Neck warmers have come a long ways since those suffocating fleece gaiters you wore as a kid. Now, they're light, breathable, and versatile enough to protect your face from the sun and wind and also clean your goggle lenses or wipe down your car's frosty windshield. We partnered with Vermont-based Skida, makers of some of the best hats and neck warmers we've found, to make us our very own touring-centric Gobblette. You'll wear this non-insulated tube, with brushed thermal fabric on the interior, as a headband on bad hair days and to keep chin windburn at bay.


$ 24.00

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