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10 Items for Summer Road Trips

Flip flops have replaced Sorels, and t-shirts and shorts have taken the spot where long underwear and ski socks used to be. Yep, summer has arrived. The best way to pass the time until winter returns? Two words: summer vacation. Road trips in the winter can be the stuff of dreams chasing storms to new snowy locales and sampling nachos at back-alley apr s-ski bars. But in the winter, you ve got to deal with road conditions, storm closures, foggy windshields, black ice and more. But summer trips although they re missing that pot o gold that is the powder day are carefree and ripe with random adventures. Where you go is up to you, but what to bring? We ve got some tips on a few must-have gear items for your next summer road trip.

1. Cooler. Get a small portable cooler, filled with ice packs, to store water to stay hydrated, Mountain Dew to keep you awake, and a frosty beer for the end of the day. It s also good for storing perishable snacks like string cheese or hummus and carrots so you re not stuck eating Swedish Fish or Funyuns all day long.

2. Sunglasses. We prefer Pit Vipers, made by Flylow athlete Chunk Mumford. But any pair of decent shades will work. Even those $7 aviators from the gas station will do the trick if you ve lost your Smiths.

3. Trucker hat. You ll likely be intermingling with a few actual truck drivers at rest stops and diners along the way, and you ll notice, they don t actually wear trucker hats. But that s OK. You ll want one to block the sun and cover that hair that hasn t been washed in days. We ve got your dome piece covered right here.

4. Music. Up to personal preference, of course.

5. Headset for your phone. You ll want this to take calls. It s the law in most states, and it s just a darn smart idea. 6. Glove box survival kit. For when you get stuck on the side of the road, out of gas, at night, and need something like a flashlight or fire starter. You never know when bandages, a multi-tool or an emergency whistle might come in handy, too. 7. Snacks. Beef jerky. Sunflower seeds. Fresh peaches from a farm stand. Whatever works for you. 8. Rain jacket (or your lightest ski jacket will work as well). You never know when a sudden downpour is going to strike. 9. Cleansing wipes. Because it s hot and you smell and who knows when your next shower is coming. Also good for post-burrito-eating face. 10. Quick-drying towel. For when you spot a swimming hole on the side of the road. For when you spill Mountain Dew all over your seat. For covering your face during a midday nap. It has many purposes.

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