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4 Reasons To Be Excited About Flylow’s New Spring/Summer Collection

Dropping in early April: Flylow’s new workwear overalls, our first MTB pants, and anti-stink shirts that you don’t have to wash every time you wear them.

The end of winter always seems to come too soon, and we’re not quite ready. We could all use a few more powder days before putting away our skis for the season, right? But seasons change, whether we like it or not. And spring and summer are pretty darn fun, too. Here at Flylow, we’re about to roll out a new Spring/Summer collection that we are mighty proud of. Our spring product will be going live in early April, and we can’t wait for you to check it out. Here’s what we’re most excited about.

#1. Really Rad Fabrics

Choosing the right fabric for the right piece is what we do best, a process fine-tuned by an excessive amount of product testing (it’s always a good day when we get to ride our bikes out of the office and call it work). Our fabrics have to be durable, breathable, and versatile. And it can’t look or feel like a plastic bottle (even if it shares the same molecules as a recycled one). For proof of our efforts, check out the new Robb T, made with DriRelease, a moisture-wicking fabric that feels like cotton but dries four times faster.

We choose fabrics that protect us from the sun, dry quickly so we don’t freeze on the way downhill, and can jump in the river after a ride. We add stretch because, well, you need to move, and we add a Durable Water Repellent when we feel it’s necessary to speed up drying times or protect you from rain. New this year, we’re using PFC-free DWRs across the line, including items like the Davis Jacket and the new Laser Short, which means less harmful chemicals that can impact you and the environment without sacrificing performance.

#2. Problem-Solving Pieces

We don’t say, hey, let’s make a shirt that does everything well. That’s the equivalent of opening a restaurant that sells sushi and Thai food. Just focus on one thing and do it well, right? Instead, we come up with a product to solve a specific need, one that we’ve likely run into while on the trails.

Here’s one problem we set out to fix: You should be able to take more than one ride in a shirt before needing to wash it. That saves water but also, sometimes you’re on the road or camping and riding your bike and laundry isn’t a reality. Adding Ionic+ antimicrobial treatments to our jerseys helped solve that problem. Look for Ionic+ in pieces like the Bandit Shirt, Nash Shirt, and Garrett Shirt for men and the Jana T, Jessi Shirt, and Hawkins Shirt for women.

#3: Summertime Bibs and Pants

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you: Flylow makes really good bibs. Bomber bibs have been a winter staple of ours for years, so, naturally, we wanted to make a summertime version. The new Trailworks Bib for men and women is a stout canvas coverall that you’ll wear gardening or tuning your bike. We designed it with input from seasoned trail builders.

We know that everyone who rides a mountain bike doesn’t ride the same; we all need different things depending on our style and what kind of riding we do. In addition to a wider variety of MTB shorts than ever before, this spring, we’re also rolling out our first mountain biking pants—the Goodson Pant for men and the Tia Pant for women—because we needed full coverage for burlier rides and colder days.

(Bonus #4: We’re also debuting our first chammy, the Cru MTB short liner, made from Italian fabrics, that we think may even convert those who don’t wear chammys.)

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