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Backpacker Magazine Features Super Mitten

This mitten is "toasty but not too bulky," according to testers.

We never set out to be a glove company. But years ago, we found ourselves buying hardware store leather work gloves, lathering them with waterproofing salve and baking them in our home oven and wondering, Why can't you buy ski gloves like this? So, we started making them ourselves, figuring other skiers might appreciate them, too. Flylow's glove line has vastly expanded since that first year and now includes many different makes and styles.

The beauty of many of our gloves is that you no longer have to slather on that gooey Sno-Seal yourself or bake them at home and stink up your kitchen. We handle the messy parts for you. Our gloves and mittens come with pre-treated, pre-baked waterproof leather and they're handy (sorry for the pun) enough to wear while shoveling your deck, driving a cold car, or ski touring.

Backpacker Magazine gave a nod to our new Super Mitten, which has an over-the-sleeve cuff and is insulated with a layer of PrimaLoft insulation. "Mittens can be saviors in extreme cold, but usually sacrifice dexterity for warmth. Not so with the Super Mitten, which retains that cold resistance while staying slim enough that you can tour without feeling like you're wearing boxing gloves. A Goldilocks-level mix of 240 grams of synthetic PrimaLoft Black Eco—toasty, but not too bulky—on the back of the hand and 120 grams on the palm kept us comfortable down to the low teens."

Read the full review here. And check out our complete collection of gloves and mittens.

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