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Bike Mag Reviews Anderson Shirt

Bike Mag likes our Anderson Shirt. They called it special. Which makes us feel good? Want to know why they liked it so much? Read their full review. Here's a snippet: 

"Part of that is thanks to the barely-there feel of Flylow’s Intuitive IQ fabric. It doesn’t take much of a breeze to lift the sweat off your skin. Like any other advanced jersey fabric, it seems to evacuate moisture and invite ventilation. Another special part is the snaps. Most of the performance-oriented button-up jerseys use snaps instead of buttons, but given how often I wear my one and only Anderson shirt (on and off the bike), it’s impressive that I haven’t seen the slightest bit of damage around the snaps. And that’s especially impressive given what I find by far the most special about it...It stretches. It stretches a lot."

Flylow Anderson Shirt