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Winter Review of Cash Short, Rainbreaker Jacket

As the ski season winds down, the beginning of our other favorite season kicks off—bike season. The beauty of springtime is that, depending on where you live and play, maybe you can ski and bike all at the same time, as spring corn turns to singletrack at lower elevations. What's not to love about that?

The Start Gate recently reviewed our Cash Shorts and Rainbreaker Jacket, both built for mountain biking at this time of year. The review reads: "The fit seems true to form, with good mobility and tailoring for both pieces. Seams are tidy, construction is sensible in terms of fabric paneling and placement, and they are both super light, a particular plus for the Rainbreaker, as it fits in any pack and potentially a pocket if you’re really SOL. A particular point of note with the shorts before diving into the tech: the buttons are intensely secure – if you really need to get the shorts open quick (pee break!), be mindful that you don’t accidentally rip the very stretchy fabric, I can imagine someone doing this on day one – let the buttons wear in a little before you hulk-off your shorts."

Check out the full review on The Start Gate for more.