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Fight Stink, Wash Less with Polygiene

At Flylow, our design philosophy is pretty simple. We’re mountain people, and we think there are a lot of mountain people like us. Every product we design is something we use, like damn near daily. And we think you’ll use the heck out of each product too, otherwise, we wouldn’t make it. 

Based on this multi-purpose, daily-driver design philosophy, there was a clear problem we wanted to solve with our new Spring 2019 collection. Stink. Ever done a mountain bike ride in a day old polyester or synthetic shirt? Then you know the stink we’re talking about. It's that month-old gym bag smell cultivated in just 24 short hours.

No More Stinky Synthetic Active Wear

Flylow Products with Polygiene

Flylow Products with Polygiene

We want pieces we could bring on a 3-day mountain biking trip and wear every day. We want layers you accidentally leave in your climbing bag, then find a week later on a chilly evening, throw it on, stink-free, and rock it through apres. Most of all we want pieces you can take from the trail or beach right to the brewery, without worrying if you sweat it out that day.

To solve our little problem, we’ve added Polygiene to several of our key summer styles. Polygiene is a unique silver ion-based fabric treatment developed by some smart folks in Sweden that helps inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria in synthetic fabrics. A skeptic for voodoo clothing science? Outside Magazine did a pretty legit test for the naysayers.

How Polygiene Works.

How Polygiene Works.

With this treatment, we can make synthetic activewear that doesn’t go sour after its first use. So, we went ahead and did just that. Guys, when you grab your new Nash Shirt or Lopez Polo, your pits are protected with Polygiene. Ladies, you’ve got the Hawkins Shirt, Stevie Tank, and Jessi Shirt for your new multi-day go tos.

Wash Less. Wear More. Lower Your Impact.

The beauty of pieces that resist stink is they don’t need as much washing between uses. Fewer washes mean less energy consumed, less time at the laundromat, and a whole host of other benefits we can get behind. Did you know that two-thirds of the environmental impact of a piece of clothing comes after purchase? Neither did we.

How Polygiene helps the environment.

How Polygiene helps the environment.

At Flylow, we love our outdoor playgrounds, and we do our best to protect them by making durable gear that lasts. Polygiene helps us do that even better. The less you need to replace outdoor apparel, the less impact you put on the planet. Add in a reduction in overall need to wash your outdoor gear, and you’ve got a small, but not insignificant decrease in your overall environmental footprint. And anymore, every little bit helps.

We’re stoked on these new Polygiene pieces for Spring 2019. Our own internal tests have been insanely positive. The stuff really does allow you to wear your gear longer without a wash, which is perfect for both weekend camp trips and even day two or day three in the office (over a couple of weeks, of course, we aren’t animals). These pieces are the perfect upgrade to your spring kit.

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