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Introducing the Next Generation of Flylow Mountain Bike Gear

We Like to Spend Our Summers On Two Wheels So We Decided to Make The Gear That Would Help Us Do That

Summer 2020 really only marks the fourth year we've produced a dedicated warm-weather gear collection. During the first few of those years, our summer gear was a bit of a novelty, a chance for our closest buds and diehard customers to sport Flylow in the summer. But over the last couple, things have started to take off and our summer stuff has caught on.

While chasing pow will always be our passion, Flyow is evolving into a bonafide four-season brand. And if we're gonna be a bonafide four-season brand, we're gonna do it while riding our bikes.

With our summer 2020 collection's expanded, bike-focused design, we feel we've blossomed into the Independent, Homegrown, Mountain-Raised bike brand that pairs pretty darn well with what we've done in the winter. So, the question is, how'd we get there?

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First, Why The Focus on Bikes? 

In the winter we plan our days around getting on snow. When conditions are good, we go ski, then we work that night or a double the next day if we need to catch up. As we entered into making summer gear, we quickly noticed that our people (including ourselves) were riding mountain bikes through the warmer months, squeezing in as much ride time as they can. 

From there, it was about applying everything we have learned from making technical, durable winter apparel that doesn't ever look "too techy." It's pretty simple, make the gear for the sports and activities you love, the stuff you orient your life around. Then make sure it fits in that style of life. In talking with our athletes, retailers, and internal team, it was pretty obvious, mountain biking was in our DNA. So, we decided to focus on that.

Our new Mountain Bike Gear in its native habitat.

With our 2020 Men's Trail and Women's Trail collections, we've got a solid selection of great technical riding gear that does not come off as overly technical. Nor does it fall into the trendy trappings of the road riding and motocross world as is common in the category.

Like our winter collections, we make this gear our way. Low profile so you can live your life in it, which inevitably means you will be going for a spin in it... Hopefully today.

What Makes Flylow's Mountain Bike Gear Stand Out This Year?

We're really proud of our fabrics. Fabric is the number one most important input in all of our clothing. For the new MTB line we focused first on fabric that met some key specs. It had to be tough. It had to breathe. It couldn't look or feel like a plastic bottle. We chose fabrics that protected us from the sun, could shed a little rain, and dry quickly after a post-ride river dip. Finally, we added stretch to everything in the collection so you have the freedom to ride just about anywhere in our gear. 

Then of course, there's fit, which we like to think of in two different categories: personal fit & discipline fit. Personal fit is always a bit of a challenge, but we're pretty confident in that we found the elusive "true-to-size" characteristic across our bike gear. More importantly, though, 2020 is the first year we're offering multiple bike shorts with multiple fits for the different types of riding we like do (Enduro/DH and Trail/Cross-country). This is that discipline fit we mentioned

Riding bikes is fun.

Riding bikes is fun.

Now we've got multiple inseam lengths, pocket placements, and waist adjustment systems that are each designed to suit the unique needs of different ride styles. These improvements, we hope, reflect how we are riders and designers which is rare in this age where most design studios happen in the city far, far from a trail, and rely on feedback from athletes far, far away that often struggle to convey what is wrong with the gear.

For us, we just ride out the office and test new gear.  If it sucks, we know why and we know how to fix it. So we do. Do that enough times, and you end up with some pretty bitchen' bike gear, and it seems people are starting to agree.

Some Praise Of Our 2020 Bike Gear

I bought these for riding and they are pretty much exactly what I want in an MTB short. Well placed pockets, stretchy, fast-drying, long enough to cover the tops of knee pads.

Customer Review of the New Men's Deckard Short

These shorts are absolutely perfect for mountain biking. The fit is spot on and true to size.

Customer Review of the New Women's Eleanor Short

2020 Trail Collection Highlights - Men

Deckard Short

The downhill mountain bike short that can still climb but is in it for the descent.
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Shaw Shirt

Because some days, you want to ride your bike in a long-sleeved T.
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Goodson Short

The sturdy Goodson Short is a light and tough mountain biking short with just the right amount of stretch.
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2020 Trail Collection Highlights - Women

Eleanor Short

Paired with a chamois, the flattering Eleanor Short is a tour de force mountain biking short.
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Jessi Shirt

We designed the Jessi Shirt as a technical, short-sleeved running or biking shirt. But it does so much more than that.
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Ilsa Tank

A tank top with extra shoulder coverage for long days in the sun.



-Intuitive™ IQ fabric 

-Body fabric: 94% polyester, 6% spandex

-Opaque mesh: 88% polyester, 12% spandex

-Mesh panels for breathability

-Polygiene treatment for anti-stink

-50+ UPF 

-Quick dry 

-Drop tail for coverage

-Shorter side seams for mobility

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