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Dawn Patrol

Nick Daniels' had a New Year's resolution this year: Make time for more epic adventures. For him, that means more dawn patrols, more climbing mountains in the dark and watching the sun rise from a snow-covered peak, surrounded by good friends. You can read Nick's full account and check out his portfolio of gorgeous photos of a recent pre-dawn backcountry mission on Lake Tahoe's Jake's Peak here. They got to the trailhead at 4:30 a.m. and it was a brisk 7 degrees. "Luckily, we all were wearing the best outerwear you can get your hands on. The cold had no chance against the new Flylow Crowe micro-puff, IQ Pant , and Genius Jacket." Thanks for testing out our gear, Nick! And what about you? What's an epic adventure for you?