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Dylan Hood: Wyoming Trip Report

IMG_2642 I started off the filming season heading to Wyoming to do some snowmobile skiing with Teton Gravity Research. The first day I arrived we built a big step over jump, which turned out to be real fun. It was kind of the first real jump I had hit all year so it was fun to throw myself around in the air and get some tricks back. After that the sun decided to leave us, and it continued to dump snow for the next two weeks. IMG_2644 We were able to find a great slope with well-spaced trees which we could double up easy, with some awesome ally ways for shooting deep deep pow. We were also able to find some little poppers and bumps to build some jumps on so we could get in the air, and try to tap some trees. The snow was so deep, it was the deepest snowmobile turns I have ever had. We basically scored some of the deepest snow I have ever skied all to ourselves for two weeks straight. Not a bad opener to the season. We wanted to stick around for the sun to pop out, but warm weather came in with high winds and made the avalanche conditions go to extreme, so it was time to move on. Dylan Hood IMG_2666