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Elyse Saugstad: Reporting from BC

[caption id="attachment_5085" align="aligncenter" width="600"]
Rutherford photo

Rutherford photo

Elyse Saugstad in BC. Photo by Cody Townsend.[/caption]

Over the past few seasons I have developed an obsessive relationship with the Pemberton/Whistler, BC area during the month of March. Sled-skiing in the alpine is like no other up here there's so much amazing terrain, the snowpack is generally pretty stable, and the days get really long. Caving in to my addiction, I headed up with Cody Townsend at the beginning of the month to get back in the saddle and ride those mountains like a seasoned cowboy.

There are a few things you need when snowmobile skiing up in Whistler: patience with the weather, time to actually "get it," and plenty of sunscreen. Since it's spring, the storms are a little warmer, meaning tree skiing like mid-winter on socked-in weather days on your sled is generally out. It's a bit like heli-skiing in Alaska wait, wait, wait on the weather and then when it pops blue you have to be ready to give a 100 percent and be ready to scare yourself (well, I enjoy scaring myself). You have to be prepared to have some down days and not let it drive you crazy. Or, and this is a bonus to this area, go ski the resort, Whistler-Blackcomb, which is an awesome, keep-your-legs-ready alternative to sitting around.

Sun Spines Go Pro

Sun Spines Go Pro

I have yet to see a real high pressure system move into these parts and give us several days of blue in a row (thanks for hogging the sunny weather this month, Alaska) but a few have poked in between the unsettled weather systems that keep moving through. Guns a blazing, Cody and I took full advantage of our opportunities. Skiing in the alpine truly tests a big mountain skier's skills blind rollovers, very few visual markers, spines, and super steep slopes all add up for one heck of a good time if you like a challenge. This will never get old and hence why I'm still up here waiting patiently for another blue day, and maybe another, and another

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