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Freeskier Magazine Reviews Calypso Jacket, Magarac Glove, Billie Coat, Lab Coat

We could spend the entire tram ride telling you about how waterproof our jackets our, our durable our pants are, and how versatile our gloves are. But maybe you want an outside opinion? We get that. Try listening to the folks at Freeskier Magazine, who test hundreds of pieces of gear each year, and see what they have to say about our new gear. Now featured in the gear guide of Freeskier Magazine, on newsstands now. The Calypso Jacket: "Wearing the Calypso Jacket feels, quite literally, like being hugged by a robe of puffy clouds from the high heavens." The Magarac Glove: "The pre-treated pigskin and 1,000 Denier nylon construction team up to battle abrasions and moisture, while the work glove styling and lotus color scheme adds an understated style that'll turn your arrival in the lift line into a grand entrance." The Billie Coat: "An ideal option for backcountry shredders or those who simply prefer a shell they can layer underneath." The Lab Coat: "The eVent membrane is both completely waterproof and air permeable, warding off the advances of moisture while simultaneously dumping your body heat."

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