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How to Layer for a Resort Powder Day

You’re skiing lift-accessed powder all day. Lucky you. Here’s what layers to consider so you maximize your time on the hill, whether you’re riding a packed tram or traversing to a side bowl.

It’s dumping out and there’s no time to waste. Alarm, coffee, breakfast, first chair. It’s a powder day, after all. You’ll be lapping lifts in a storm all day long. Which means you need layers that’ll hold up to cold, stormy conditions and keep you out there and comfortable for as long as your legs will allow. 

Again, start with a smart, next-to-skin base layer. No question. That’ll keep you warm and dry. If it’s extra cold out, you may want a fleece midlayer next as it’s great at trapping heat and just feels cozy. Try the Micah for men or Sondra for women. If it’s a wet storm, think about your next layer wisely: If you choose a down insulator, it could get wet and take longer to dry than an insulating midlayer made from synthetic fabric. If it’s dry and cold, though, you’ll want a down layer next. Especially if you’re riding lifts all day—warmth will be key to keep you out longer. The Larry Vest for men and Laurel for women is the perfect option for core warmth without more bulk.  Cover all of that up with a powder-hunting three-layer hardshell made from a waterproof, breathable fabric and coated with a Durable Water Repellent. If the storm blows in again, you’ll be ready for anything with a Quantum Pro or Billie Coat.  

For pants, bibs are a powder-day skier’s bottom of choice, since they give a little extra protection and warmth up top and keep snow from getting stuffed down your pants in case of a tumble.  We know bibs, and the OG Baker Bib for men or the newer Baker Perm Bibs and the Foxy or Moxy bibs for women will have you dialed.

Pro Tips

-When it’s firing, the last thing you want to do is have to run back to the car at the back of the parking lot to get an extra layer. Your friends will not wait for you. So, start the day with plenty of warm layers. If you heat up and need to ditch a layer, that’s easier to stash somewhere (in your pack or in the lodge) than it is to have to go add a layer.

-Powder skiing uses a lot of energy. Keep that in mind when you’re picking what to wear. Those insulated pants are nice when it’s cold out but you’re not skiing groomers today. You’ll be working hard, sidestepping and powder hunting. Plan accordingly. 

-Opted for a vest? Nice call. But now you’re too hot and need to ditch it? You can bundle it up and stash it in your pants, in that open space behind your calf. (Sandwiches can also be stored back there. You're welcome.)

Women's Kit

Lucy Jacket

A just-right, comfy fit, high-end features, and a laid-back style make the Lucy Jacket a fast favorite.
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Foxy Bib

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Katinka Hoody

The grid-fleece Katinka Hoody is the ideal midlayer for wearing in the mountains.
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Men's Kit

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This stormproof, three-layer hardshell jacket is ready to climb and ski powder.
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The Baker Bibs are a stout pair of 20k/20k three-layer bibs that can handle any powder day.
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You don’t want to get caught in the backcountry without a back-up insulating layer. This one is packable and gets the job done.
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Micah Fleece

Midlayers with hoods can sometimes feel bulky. So, we made a hoodless, technical fleece inspired by the classic ski sweater of yesteryear.
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