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More Love for the Foxy Bib

We weren't sure how women would react when we rolled out our first-ever women's bib ski pant. Would they like it? Would it fit right? Do women even want a bib pant? Turns out, we can't keep them on the shelves. The Foxy Bib, which debuted this past fall, is one of our best selling women's pants ever and we continue to hear from our customers and the media about how well constructed and designed they are. For example, from Backcountry Magazine: "Most notably, Flylow nails the delivery on the long zipper up the outer pant leg, solving the main problem women face while donning bibs, enabling them to hit the other powder room without shedding layers." Yep, it's easy to take pee breaks in these pants. Plus they're waterproof, breathable, and super flattering. As Big Life Magazine says, "You might live in this lovely yet technical bib all winter long." See the full reviews below and check out your neighborhood Flylow retailer to see if they have Foxy Bibs still in stock (because we're all sold out of 'em!). big-life-mag-pr-2016-foxy-bib big-life-pr-cover-2016-foxybc-mag-cover-pr2016 bc-mag-pr2016-foxy-bib