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Our Most Focused Collection Yet

"13 years ago we started out to make clothes we wanted to ski in, and that hasn't changed."

When we set out to design a new piece a new jacket, a new pair of pants, a new glove or midlayer it s not just on a whim. We don t make gear for the sake of growing the line or expanding for expansion s sake. That s not our style. Instead, we set out with a purpose, a goal, a specific hole we re trying to fill. Women asked for a bib ski pant, so we created the Foxy Bib. Backcountry skiers wanted a super lightweight, streamlined kit, so we built the Genius Jacket and IQ Pant from scratch. We use and wear everything we make; if we re not using it, not skiing in it every day, then we stop making it. Simple as that. Flylow continues to grow. But some years, our product count stays exactly the same this new collection is actually the same size as last year, just with improved styles. No matter what, we re staying independent, growing sustainably, mindfully, and two core skiers are still the ones designing your gear. We re watching every step forward we take and doing it with purpose.

Lab Coat and Compound Pant Get New Fabric


Lab Coat/Compound Pant

SHOP NOW What's the point of being an independent company if you do not capitalize on what it is to be unshackled from the 'man' telling you what fabrics and materials you must use to make your gear. Greg and I are proud to be steering our ship (with a lot of help from our friends) and our end goal is the make the best possible gear we can for each application we see skiers and riders needing. This is what lead us to seek out eVent Fabric's new team that was developing new technology, the DV Expedition membrane. The Lab Coat and Compound Pant represent the paragon of outwear and a lot of that has to due with the fabric. We knew that if you are going to minimize compromise with one fabric it needed to be ultra-waterproof while having breathability that is air permeable so your gear releases heat before you start sweating. Finally, the new fabric needed to be tough... We are making Flylow gear after all. In eVent's new DV Expedition fabric we found a membrane that did all of that and is rivaled by none as no other membrane has these statistics. In the end, we win! We delivered on our promise to make the best gear we could because no one is telling us "it has to cost less, look one way or feel another." We decided it just needs to be the best.

The technology is microscopic. The difference is huge.

The critical difference between eVent technology and traditional waterproof/breathable fabrics is the millions of microscopic pores built in to our proprietary membrane that work instantly to vent water vapor (sweat) that builds up inside your apparel when you perform. We call this Direct Venting technology, and unlike other technologies, it doesn t need to get wet to work. It s a dry system that allows eVent fabrics to be fully waterproof and fully breathable keeping you dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions.


"When we looked at what we were wearing there were no 2 layer garments in our closet so we said, 'why are we still making this stuff"

In outerwear, you can always tell which jacket or pant is cheap by looking inside and seeing a hanging lining with no insulation. And I bet it looks remarkably similar to the 3-layer jacket that costs $200 more just behind it (on a rack that is half as full). The reason why is simple, manufacturers attract you to their rack with the posh 3-layer gear, shock you with price and then, as you look down thinking about the organ you have to sell to buy the 3-layer jacket, you see that inexpensive, heavy, not-so-packable 2-layer jacket with the hanging mesh lining and you compromise. We say, screw that. 3-layer fabric came on the market over 25 years ago and we can now build it to suit our needs and budget. When it comes to the Boundary Line we are trying to make the best resort oriented gear there is. It needs to be tough, waterproof, breathable, look good, ski great and not cost us an arm or a leg. Greg and I realized that by working with Inuitive Fabrics using a 10k/10k membrane we could achieve all of those goals in a 3-layer fabric and reduce the weight of the gear by up to 40% as well as double its packability (by removing all of the schmutz on the inside). The result is the new Boundary Line. It is the gateway to the Flylow family of gear. A way for normal people to get the right gear, the best gear they can without sacrificing or feeling anxious about a $800 jacket. Oh, and by the way, Greg and I would never wear a 2-layer hanging lining jacket, but you better believe we would and do rock the new Boundary Line all season long, in bounds and out. You should too.

our Three-layer Intuitive fabric reduces the weight of the gear by up to 40 percent and doubles packability

We created our proprietary Intuitive fabric in order to choose the ideal face fabric, membrane, and backing for each individual line of apparel we make. We select from nylons and polyester face fabrics, then pair them with high-performing DWR, 20k/20k and 10k/10k membranes to maximize the performance of every product.


Cage Pant


Knight Jacket


Firebird Bib



W's Puma Jacket


W's Sassyfrass Pant